Persimmon have proposed an amendment to their Reserve Matters application for residential development on the site of the old Brickworks in Hesketh Bank and adjacent Greenfield in Tarleton.
This application, originally lodged  in March, still seeks to build on the more lucrative greenfield and avoids the need to deal with the disused tip.
Much of this greenfield is on land designated as coastal zone, where residential development is not permitted.
They propose to cram in 211 dwellings on the site and many of these new residents will join you all in slow progress along Hesketh Lane.
Despite what many will tell you, this is by no means a done deal. If you are concerned about this proposal, please let the planning department know by lodging a valid objection.

Documents relating to the application may be viewed on the planning website using that reference, or through this link:
2016/0279/ARM – associated documents

HBTAG guidance on how to comment on this application may be found here:
Make a Planning comment