Most residents of Hesketh Bank and Tarleton rely on Hesketh Lane as their main route to and from work or for access to shops and other services.

It is well known locally that progress along Hesketh Lane can, at times, be slowed to a snail’s pace at school drop off and pick up times and when people head to and return from their workplaces outside of the villages. Recently, traffic lights have imposed additional hold-ups as essential upgrades and maintenance work is carried out.

One of the main concerns local residents expressed over the proposed development at the Altys Brickworks site is the belief that Hesketh Lane can not cope with the extra traffic that 270+ new dwellings would bring.

HBTAG members conducted traffic surveys on Hesketh Lane and Station Road over a two week period in June 2013 and, apart from the high traffic volumes noted, were staggered to discover how many vehicles are using Kearsley Avenue as a rat run to avoid delays at the top of Hesketh Lane. This was acknowledged by the Highways department of Lancashire County Council [1]

Kearsley Avenue is a quiet 20mph residential road, many residents have young families and pets and the burden of the rat run traffic is very unfair on them.

Shortly after the Planning committee approved the Persimmon Outline planning application, the Green Lane Link was kicked into the long grass, being postponed until 2020 at the earliest. As part of the application process, the Green Lane Link was cited as mitigation for the additional traffic the housing development would inevitably bring.

Persimmon commissioned a report to put forward the case that Hesketh Lane would not be adversely affected by their proposed development. On 14th January 2014, David Watson (LCC Highways) wrote to John Harrison (Assistant Director Planning WLBC) highlighting several errors and omissions in the report by SCP, understating the likely impact of the proposed development. Mr Watson was emphatic about the failure failure to acknowledge the Kearsley Avenue rat run [2]

“However, no reference to, or consideration taken, for the Kearsley Avenue/Carr Lane rat run!”

[1] Email 12/02/14 from David Watson (LCC Highways) to Peter Todd (Principal Transport Planner SCP)

[2] Email 14/01/14 from David Watson (LCC Highways) to John Harrison (Assistant Director Planning WLBC)




If you have a view on the traffic issues of Hesketh Lane or the use of Kearsley Avenue as a rat run, please let us know.