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  1. Re : Altys brick works site.

    Has there been any discussion on the preservation of the
    brick works themselves by your group or the councillors
    themselves ?

    It is an important part of the village’s heritage, surely !

    It is there on our Heritage Board outside Booths, and I

    would have thought could have real potential if included

    in the council’s linear park plans.

    • Hi Ron, Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have checked with other members of the group and we only know of a proposal to consider keeping the chimney on the basis of local heritage but this was discounted. We aren’t sure why.
      I don’t believe much of the original Brickworks now remains in a recognisable form although I do agree that it was an important part of the village’s heritage. A brickworks themed visitor centre with car parking might have been a valuable support to the West Lancashire Light Railway as well as a key element of the Linear Park but this does not appear to be in any plans we’ve seen. We have proposed these ideas previously but they have not been taken up.

  2. Whilst I have no objection to building houses on the Altys site in Hesketh Bank, I do agree this would incur more traffic on Hesketh Lane. A way round this would be to build significantly more detached and semidetached bungalows, usually owned by retired and disabled people therefore not using the roads at peak times (school and work traffic ) Also maybe approaching the bus company’s to reroute through the proposed site would also lessen the congestion and be a great draw to buyers. May I also suggest the bungalows to be at the east side of the plans facing the canal / river so that those residents are tucked away from constant traffic on the estate and maybe a nice uninterrupted view of the countryside.
    Would love to hear your view on these ideas, would also be your first customer as I live in Tarleton .

    • Hi Dianne, HBTAG would welcome proposals to develop Altys Brickworks if adverse effects on local roads and infrastructure could be mitigated.
      We are however, strongly opposed to development on the adjacent greenfield, more than half of which is within the Coastal Zone. Council policy supposedly forbids housing development within the Coastal zone yet Persimmon continue to plan housing within this protected area and outline planning permission has been granted.
      Your suggestion for building more bungalows is a good one. Loved by many, they are unpopular with developers with new builds declining each year.

  3. Born Hesketh Bank, lived on Hesketh Lane since 1986

    traffic count … please this needs assessed the time of traffic count has now changed
    its now busy now after 7pm
    save our country site
    we do not need any more houses

    remember previous builds in this area
    it was delayed because of the great crested newts in the area!!!!
    they are still HERE

  4. Good Morning HBTAG,

    I am interested to know what updates there have been on this subject in 2017. I visit the West Lancashire Light Railway sometimes and I’m aware that they’re keen to expand their railway but are reliant on the final outcome & plans of the housing decision. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best in reaching a successful outcome.

    • Admin

      May 15, 2017 at 5:31 pm

      Hi Dave,
      The decision to refuse the reserved matters application was officially given on 13th January 2017. We understand the developer has until 13th June to lodge an appeal against this decision. Although planning officers we have spoken to indicate no current activity with the developer over this application, We fully expect either an appeal or a new application will be made sometime this year.
      Thank you for your interest.


      • Hello Steve,

        Have there been any developments on the subject?

        • Hi Dave,
          We expect to know by the end of the day on Tuesday 26th Septemeber whether this application will be put before the Planning Committee on the 5th October.
          You may remember that the Reserved Matters application was refused on the following grounds:

          1. The proposed scheme shows significant encroachment of residential development into the coastal zone and is therefore contrary to Policy EN2 of the West Lancashire
          Replacement Local Plan 2012-2027 Development Plan Document.
          2. The proposed scheme fails to provide an acceptable amount, type and distribution of affordable housing and therefore fails to comply with Policy RS2 of the West Lancashire Replacement Local Plan 2012-2027 Development Plan Document.

          Encroachment into the Coastal remains at around 49 dwellings which is completely against Local Plan Policy EN 2.5.
          Whilst the developer has increased the offer of affordable housing from 11% to 20% this remains far short of the Council’s policy of 35% for development proposals of this size.
          There are also issues raised by LCC Highways and although these do not constitute a planning objection on their behalf, would see several cul-de-sacs outside of standards for adoption by the Local Authority. They also cite issues with garage sizes that don’t meet their minimum specification of 6 x 3m and sight lines.


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