We set up Hesketh with Becconsall and Tarleton Action Group (HBTAG) in March 2013 to campaign against the over-development of the villages of Hesketh Bank and Tarleton following a proposal to build 275 dwellings on the site of Altys Brickworks and the adjacent greenfield land.

Our concerns are that major housing development in the area is unsustainable on the following grounds:

  • Traffic – Most traffic uses Hesketh Lane which is already over capacity

  • Environment – Alty’s application severely impacts upon 3 biological heritage sites (BHS)

  • Infrastructure – Mains water supply and sewer systems cannot cope with current demands

  • Coastal Zone – Alty’s application proposes housing development in the Coastal zone which is against policy in the Local Plan EN2.5

We are in favour of development of  brownfield land where the issues of traffic, environment and infrastructure are not exacerbated.

Since that application was made, pressure on Hesketh Lane has increased:

  • 94 dwellings approved at Plox Brow
  • 28 dwellings built on the site of  the Becconsall Pub
  • 3 large houses built on grazing land at Greenways
  • 17 dwellings proposed for land opposite Sutton Avenue off Hesketh Lane
  • 9 affordable rented dwellings near Becconsall Lane Farm
  • 5 dwellings off Moss Lane
  • 14 affordable dwellings on the site of the Hesketh Bank Methodists Chapel, Chapel Lane
  • 250 dwellings (in total) considered by Lilford Estate

The overriding need for such housing numbers in Hesketh Bank and Tarleton has never been proven. There is no abundance of employment opportunities here. Anyone moving to this area will almost certainly find themselves making slow progress along Hesketh Lane as they journey to and from their employment elsewhere.

The need for affordable housing in the area is understood and accepted. The inclusion of their numbers is intended to show the overall impact on planned housing numbers.

We would like to thank the many local residents who have supported HBTAG and hope this will continue as the next stages of this application unfold.