If anyone would like to make a comment that counts about Persimmon’s proposals to build 212 dwellings on the old Brick works and adjacent Greenfield, including almost 50 dwellings in the Coastal Zone, the only comment that counts is a Planning Comment. For many of us, this would be an objection.

Please follow the menu option  MAKE A PLANNING COMMENT at the top of the page for guidance on how to do this.

On 8th December 2016, the Planning Committee refused the previous Reserved Matters application on the grounds of inadequate provision of affordable housing and proposals to build within the Coastal Zone, where residential development is NOT permitted (in contravention of Local Plan Policy EN2.5)

The new application still proposes to build almost 50 dwellings within the Coastal Zone and increases the number of affordable to only 20%, from the previous 11% (Local Plan Policy is for 35% affordable housing for developments of 15 or more dwellings).

We hope the Planning Committee will again refuse the application, particularly as there has been NO REDUCTION in the number of dwellings proposed on Coastal Zone since the last Reserved Matters application was refused.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR CONCERNS KNOWN TO:  Plan.apps@westlancs.gov.uk