Resubmission but same assault on the Coastal Zone

Persimmon have made a new application to build 212 dwellings on the site of the old Brick Works and adjacent Green field land.

Local residents were informed on Friday 20th May that they have until 8th June 2017 (20 days) to comment on Persimmon’s latest Reserved Matters application. Their previous application was refused on the basis of proposals to build within the Coastal Zone and on the poor offer of only 11% affordable housing. Council policy requires 35% affordable housing for developments in excess of 15 dwellings.

The developer’s planning statement associated with this new application shows a continued disregard of the Coastal Zone Policy but an increase to 20% on the offer of affordable housing.

Local Plan Policy EN2.5 clearly states:

“Development within the Borough’s Coastal Zones, as defined on the Policies Map, will be limited to that which is essential in meeting the needs of coastal navigation, amenity and informal recreation, tourism and leisure, flood protection, fisheries, nature conservation and / or agriculture.”

In the developer’s planning statement within the application it states:

“7.7   Policy EN2 does not seek to restrict development completely but to limit the amount.”

This is incorrect as the Local Plan policy seeks to limit the ‘type‘ of development.

Residential development is NOT listed as permitted development on Coastal Zone within the local plan and therefore it is not permitted.

Even if Persimmon’s interpretation of the policy on Coastal Zone were correct, their proposal does not merely intrude into the Coastal Zone, it proposes residential development on almost every possible part of it within this site. There has been no limit on the proposal to build within the Coastal Zone.

Proposed development within the Coastal Zone:

If you wish to comment on this application you can do so in the following ways:

  • Through the Council’s website Online Service – Planning Application Comments
    (enter the new application number 2017/0492/ARM)
  • By email to
    (include full application reference number (2017/0492/ARM) and your full name and address
    send your comment as a word or PDF attachment then your email address will not be publicly displayed)

  • By writing to:
    P.O. Box16, 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk. West Lancashire L39 2DF
    (include full application reference number (2017/0492/ARM) and your full name and address)

For an example on how to write a valid planning objection see
this guide from CPRE

Comments must be received no later than 8th June 2017


  1. That is o k but what about hesketh lane it’s gridlock now and there’s no doctor s and there’s no facilities thanks John and Carole

    • Stephen

      May 29, 2017 at 11:51 am

      Hi John and Carole,
      Thank you for taking the time to reply.
      It’s true, Hesketh Lane does suffer severe traffic issues at key times of the day. As residents we all know this and the Council even acknowledge this in the current Local Plan.
      Unfortunately many local residents are unnaware of the impact that an additional 212 dwellings will have on the villages of Tarleton and Hesketh Bank.
      Please consider each making a planning objection so your views are considered at the planning meeting. There is guidance on how to do this at the bottom of the last post. Also, please talk to your friends and neighbour about this and encourage them to have their say.

  2. As at the present moment there is No bank, No doctor, and No pub how can it be called a village. The idea of building another 212 houses is just ridiculous when our local schools, dentist etc , even the drains are not capable of dealing with this influx. Can appreciate you all
    would like to live here but please be realistic

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