The committee members were split along party lines at the December meeting of the Planing Committee on Thursday evening (8th December). Conservative members voted to accept the application whilst Labour members voted to refuse.

Refusal was on the basis of proposals to build within the Coastal Zone and on the poor offer of only 11% affordable housing.

There will no doubt be an appeal against the decision but those voting to refuse made it clear that they were supporting the residents of Tarleton & Hesketh Bank and that they deserved a better proposal than was offered.

There was much discussion of the traffic problems on Hesketh Lane. Kevin Farrington of Persimmon claimed that the development would actually help to improve the traffic problems.

When this application returns, and we’re sure it will, let’s hope there will be better community involvement and a proposal that will not seek to build in the Coastal Zone but develop more of the Brownfield. A proposal that makes specific provision for the elderly might not signifficantly add to the traffic problems of Hesketh Lane and may indeed bring the required employment to this Rural Development Opportunity.