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If anyone would like to make a comment that counts about Persimmon’s proposals to build 212 dwellings on the old Brick works and adjacent Greenfield, including almost 50 dwellings in the Coastal Zone, the only comment that counts is a Planning Comment. For many of us, this would be an objection.

Please follow the menu option  MAKE A PLANNING COMMENT at the top of the page for guidance on how to do this.

On 8th December 2016, the Planning Committee refused the previous Reserved Matters application on the grounds of inadequate provision of affordable housing and proposals to build within the Coastal Zone, where residential development is NOT permitted (in contravention of Local Plan Policy EN2.5)

The new application still proposes to build almost 50 dwellings within the Coastal Zone and increases the number of affordable to only 20%, from the previous 11% (Local Plan Policy is for 35% affordable housing for developments of 15 or more dwellings).

We hope the Planning Committee will again refuse the application, particularly as there has been NO REDUCTION in the number of dwellings proposed on Coastal Zone since the last Reserved Matters application was refused.



Response from Persimmon

Following an exchange of emails with Persimmon regarding the level of public consultation about the Alty Development, HBTAG have now received the following information in an email from the Planning and Strategic Manager of Persimmon Homes:-

“With regards to our proposals for the site, you may be aware that ecological surveys are ongoing and will continue until September. Whilst we were keen to develop the least ecologically sensitive part of the site (ie the southern parcel) as soon as possible, we are now of the view that a single reserved matters application for the whole of the residential element (both northern and southern parcels, including the linear park), is the best approach.”

In taking this decision we have been mindful of comments received from residents at our consultation event, and officers and Members at West Lancs Borough Council, who expressed concern that that the whole site may not be delivered. A single application for the whole of the residential element will provide greater clarity as to what form the overall development will take. The results of the ecological surveys will determine the extent of the site that can be developed, and the total number of homes that can be provided.

We will engage in further pre-application discussions with WLBC and public consultation ahead of submission of the reserved matters application.”

Local residents deserve proper consultation

Whilst the Outline Planning  Application at Alty’s has been approved by the planning committee, it is still showing as ‘pending decision’ on the planning website. We are advised that the planning obligation has not yet been agreed so the decision notice cannot be issued without the signed planning obligation as it too forms part of the decision.

The Local Plan was adopted in October 2013. It included a requirement in Policy EC3 to undertake a masterplanning exercise for any development at Alty’s Brickworks. Despite this, WLBC planning have stated there is no accepted definition of masterplanning and therefore no requirement for the masterplan for this site to be of the standard required for Yew Tree Farm. However, the submitted ‘masterplan’  appears to provide less information than would typically accompany a standard application. This is a complex site and a masterplan should surely, as a minimum, provide certainty regarding what will be delivered on the site, to deliver the optimum mix of employment, leisure and housing, within the many natural constraints of the site.

We do not believe the ‘masterplan’ offered thus far by the developer provides that certainty and that the developer should seek to undertake meaningful consultation with the residents of Hesketh with Becconsall and Tarleton and their Parish Councils.

Councillor Pope warns failure to consult may lead to future refusal of Alty/Persimmon application

At the meeting of the WLBC Planning committee on 13/11/14, Councillor Pope expressed regret that the request for the additional condition to the Altys Hesketh Bank application (2013/1258/OUT) to conduct a masterplanning exercise could not be legally enforced. He went on to warn:

“….however I would hope and encourage the applicant to consider the considerable disquiet there is in Hesketh Bank in relation to this application and hope that they will take notice and engage to a greater extent than they have to-date with the public, otherwise any detailed application may be refused in the future”

Councillor Pemberton concurred with this statement and asked that the committee members be given the details of the legal advice that was given to John Harrison, Assistant Director Planning, on this matter.

Recent major applications

  • 2013/1258/HYB Hybrid planning application – 275 houses
    Changed from Hybrid to Outline 09/06/14
  • 2013/1258/OUT Outline – Erection of up to 275 dwellings across two phases
    Approved by committee 09/10/14, decision pending
    (see planning documents here)
  • 2014/0088/FUL – Installation of a telecommunications base station comprising a 23m lightweight lattice mast
    Approved by committee, decision notice given 17th November 2014
    (see planning documents here)
  • 2014/0704/OUT – Outline application for the erection of up to 17 dwellings, with access, other matters reserved
    Approved by committee 13/11/14, decision pending
    (see planning documents here)
  • 2014/0877/OUT – Outline – Affordable housing development including details of scale and means of access from Becconsall Lane
    Received 11/08/14, pending consideration
    (see planning documents here)
  • 2014/1302/ARM – Reserved Matters – Erection of 5 dwellings (including details of scale, layout, appearance and landscaping)
    Received 02/12/14, pending consideration
    (see planning documents here)
  • 2014/1336/FUL – Demolition of existing church buildings and the subsequent erection of 14 affordable dwellings and church hall with associated access roads and parking
    Received 10/12/14, pending consideration
    (see planning documents here)

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Our New Website

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